Annual report 2023

People and culture

The medmix team with its nearly 2’700 employees at our 19 production, sales and service sites across the world are focused on our mission, to provide innovative solutions to help millions of people live healthier and more confident lives.

We pride ourselves on our Swiss heritage and work to create an environment where our colleagues from over 70 nationalities can feel included and inspired to do their best.

The gender diversity of our teams reflects our local talent pools and we continue to make improvements, particularly in the share of women in management roles which has grown from 29% in 2022 to 33% in 2023. In our last global employee survey, we were happy to see inclusion in the top 5 scoring areas in comparison to the external norm.

We offer ongoing development opportunities to our employees, over 1’500 of whom have been invited to join the medmix Learning Hour series, an inhouse engagement focused on a wide range of topics covering sustainability, AI at work, health and wellbeing, among others. We have also invested in virtual learning programs enabling employees to set their own learning goals and learn at their desired pace.

Our corporate culture is based on our dedication to our mission and supported by a clear framework of values, which guide how we fulfil our responsibilities towards our stakeholders. For medmix, this represents a commitment to Customer Focus, Trust and Teamwork, Sustainable Innovation and Quality and Accountability. We celebrate our teams as they offer outstanding examples of how these values are brought to life.

Quality and Accountability

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and the key principle of accountability for doing our best every day. The winning team from Valencia rose to the challenge of setting up the new site while maintaining operations in an acquired company. Working with an entrepreneurial spirit, they showed discipline, responsibility for decisions and resilience in the face of adversity.

Customer Focus

94% of employees agree* they go beyond what is needed to deliver for our customers. This mind-set was fully reflected by the winners of the 2023 Customer Focus value award, who won for their exemplary efforts in enabling the design verification phase of a highly customized reconstitution pen for a key biotech customer.

*: Data from our latest global employee engagement survey.

Trust and Teamwork

Our teams represent the diversity of experiences and spirit of inclusion that sets our company apart. The canteen team at our Bechhofen site were the winners for the Trust and Teamwork value award, delivering a consistently positive lunch break experience at our largest facility.  Their focus on offering healthy food options and commitment to sustainable sourcing of regional produce is much appreciated.

Sustainable Innovation

Our focus on sustainability is also reflected in our core values. The winning team for Sustainable Innovation from medmix Beauty (GEKA) have developed a completely new type of decoration technology, the shadow printing (patent pending) technology that reduces the carbon footprint compared to existing technologies. An achievement made possible thanks to the innovation mindset that builds on sustainability principles.